shoulder biceps surgery

Biceps Pathology

The biceps muscle is located at the front of your arm. The muscle has two tendons that attach it to the bones of the scapula bone of the shoulder and one tendon that attaches to the radius bone at the elbow. The tendons connect muscles to bones and allow us to move our limbs.

Injuries to the biceps tendons include:

  • Proximal biceps tendonitis at shoulder
  • Proximal biceps tendon tear at shoulder


Surgery can be performed after continued symptoms despite physical therapy and/or injections

General information

You should wear a sling when sleeping or in a crowded situation

You do not need a sling during the day if the arm is at the side

You may shower immediately, but do not submerge the dressing.

Do not take off the steri-strips

It takes 3 months for the soft tissues to heal

Wear a sling when you sleep

forward elevation on floor or bed

forward elevation sliding forward with rolling chair

external rotation on bed

external rotation with door

stretch up the back-affected arm is lower

Cross body stretch

Sleeper stretch